Meet the new and improved Hot Seat

Meet the new, improved, and hotter than ever - Hot Seat by LA Brands Bend Goods features a more compact design created to fit any tight space. The newly sized design is accentuated by four new standard colours. Make your space sizzle with this update to a Bend Goods classic! Colours available are White, Black, Peachy Pink and Electric Blue All of Bend Goods pieces can be done in customised colour.

Method talks to Jenny from the Misprint Co. about repurposing, responsibility and up-cycling.

Each day of the week has an easy to remember theme that challenges and encourages you to re-think your recycling habits. Today is Reusable Wednesday, which looks at making informed choices when it comes to what we purchase and what we can reuse. Method took this one step further by looking at repurposing, which extends the lifecycle of materials and adds value by turning possessions into something that can be used again. They talked to Jenny from the Misprint Co. about repurposing, responsibility and up-cycling. Why don’t you tell us about the Misprint Co.? At the Misprint Co, we repurpose waste-paper from businesses, organisations and schools around New Zealand. By doing this we save 10 lit

Open Plan Recycling:

Open plan offices improve collaboration, innovation and corporate culture. Method Recycling addresses the needs of open plan offices, offering flexible, visible bins promoting collective sustainability. Be Proud of Your Bins Create a new perception of recycling Out in the Open Avoid inflexible and expensive cabinetry Stand alone Bins Provide flexibility allowing wastestreams and number of bins to change as your office grows Visible Bins Engage staff and visitors in your environmental policy No Individual Desk Bins Saves cleaners’ time and costs; fewer bins to empty Method - Beautiful Bins Method design and manufacture beautiful bins that make recycling a simple, stylish part of modern offic

Project >> The Pink House Kitchen

Designer The Pink House Products Bend Goods Lucy Bar Stools in Gold Project This room, an open-plan kitchen dining room, which opens onto the family room, is the largest and brightest in the South East London Edwardian house, and is the result of a south-facing extension that was added by the previous owners about 5 years ago. It spans the width of the back of the house, with south-facing windows and a bi-fold door facing on to the back garden, which in turn leads directly to the private 4-acre nature reserve/park that is shared with the other houses on our block. The room, and the semi-wild-yet-secure outside space that it backs onto (AKA mother nature-as-nanny), is the main reason they bo

Project >> The Fab Flat

Stylist Fabric of My Life Products Bend Goods Arrow in Black Project The Fab Flat A one-bed flat in Salford Quays, England is home to interiors & lifestyle blogger Kate Baxter, styled with contemporary Scandinavian furniture and suffused with Scandi-boho accents Fabric of My Life Kate Baxter, Established Fabric of My Life in May 2009 as an online scrapbook of inspiration; a place where she could hoard all her favourite visual imagery, design ideas, thoughts and musings into one big magpie’s nest. Since then fabric of my life has grown into a personal passion project, incorporating her love of interiors, design, food and travel, and has afforded her a wealth of opportunities that she could

Product News >> Bunny Special Edition

Designers Bend Goods Products Introducing the Bunny Lounge: Special Edition. Description This update to a Bend Goods classic is available in eight new colours: Black, Grey, Light Mint, Grapefruit, TeleMagenta, Eggplant, Night Blue, and Olive Green. Bend Goods Bend Goods is a furniture design house based in Los Angeles, CA committed to creating furniture and accessories that are practical and long lasting while still exciting and fun. Founded in 2010 by Gaurav Nanda, Bend is based on his passion for making functional objects with sculptural design qualities. The Michigan born entrepreneur spent many childho

Method's Josephine on How To Go Zero Waste | Waste Free Tuesday

The Method team are a diverse bunch. We hail from different corners of the globe, we enjoy different pursuits, yet we all have one united interest: making a difference. Josephine, our Auckland Sales & Sustainability specialist, is particularly dedicated to doing good, moving towards going completely Zero Waste while emboldening others to do the same. With today being Waste Free Tuesday of New Zealand's Recycling Week, it seemed the perfect excuse to sit down with Josephine and hear her story. Hi Jo, let’s start at the beginning. What first made you interested in moving towards a Zero Waste lifestyle, and since then how has it evolved? I was inspired a year ago by Lauren Singer from Trash is

Project >> Motta Milano 1928

Interior Designers COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO Products Bend Goods Lucy Bar Stool in Gold Bend Goods Lucy Chair in Gold Project Autogrill renovates the historic establishment in Milan’s ‘Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II’ in an elegantly sophisticated style ideal at all times of day Autogrill presents the new Motta Milano 1928 following restyling work that revisited the famous Milanese café in a contemporary key. Motta Milano 1928 is inspired by the classic ‘Italian-style bar’ and reflects the historic brand’s capacity to evolve and adapt to the needs of an international public without sacrificing its vocational role as a place for families and young people, indeed anyone wishing to enjoy a break in

Waste Hierarchy in the UK

The “waste hierarchy” ranks waste management options according to what is best for the environment. It gives top priority to preventing waste in the first place. When waste is created, it gives priority to preparing it for re-use, then recycling, then recovery, and last of all disposal (e.g. landfill. What does your business or organisation have to do by law? (a) Does your business or public body (including local authorities on behalf of householders) produce or handle waste? This includes importing, producing, carrying, keeping, treating or disposing of waste; dealers or brokers who have control of waste, and anyone responsible for the transfer of waste. If yes, you need to take all such me

Meet Betty

Meet Betty, a bohemian chic stacking chair for every occasion; Betty will give you all the design you want without sacrificing any of the space. Use four around your dining room table, while keeping two stacked in your hall closet. She’s that peace of mind and extra seating for when those unexpected house guests arrive. Or keep four stacked in the corner on your patio. You’ll be ready in no time for those warm summer nights when dinner just can’t, and shouldn’t, be eaten anywhere else. Learn more about Betty's designer Bend Goods on the Design Relations Client Profile Page here

Introducing Method Recycling

Design Relations are delighted to welcome Method Recycling to the DR family. Method have been taking serious strides in Australia and New Zealand to combat waste and we're delighted to help Method to bring that challenge to Europe. Who is Method? Steven and India Korner are the co-founders of Method. They are from design disciplines, which drive the core values of Method - a company providing beautiful products to make recycling a simple, stylish part of modern offices. The Korners decided they wanted their own business and bought a small company selling bins to businesses - supermarkets, rest homes, holiday parks, schools and offices. India and Steve soon noticed that modern offices we

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