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Kazakh design in London

In October 2015 Kazakh designers Anastasia Leonova, Aziz Abdulmazhitov, Galym Kairalapov and

Timur Aktaev participated in a three-day workshop with UK designer Gareth Neal in Almaty. Until recently, the four designers successfully ran their own designs brands, though due to the new economic realities and as a result of the workshop the four designers decided to join forces under the name A1462, to jointly tackle the export markets specifically focusing on European and North American markets.

In September 2016 the collective represented the emerging local design scene in Kazakhstan, alongside other country presentations at Tent London, London Design Fair under their new name A1462.

A1462 presented a collection of accessories, furniture, and lighting by using modern technology in conjunction with Kazakhstan crafts and handmade techniques.

What interests this new generation of designers is the ecology of the design system and how they can create a local design identity. The designers are interested in what can be made with materials that can

be sourced locally and how local suppliers, manufacturers and designers can work together to

create internationally viable products.

Kazakhstan is the largest economy in Central Asia. Much of its economic strength is founded on the export of raw materials like crude oil, but there is an increased emphasis on entrepreneurship and small businesses. With no large, established design firms and no sizeable manufacturers of design products the industry very much revolves around small businesses and individual enterprises.

To learn more about A1462 please visit the website www.a1462.kz

​Video from the workshop and public talk in Almaty:


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