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Meet Our Clients | Bend Goods

Their Story

Bend Goods is a Los Angeles based design and manufacturing company. They design functional products for the home and public spaces. We make furniture, lighting and other goods, with a commitment to being innovative and playful. Founded in 2010 by Gaurav Nanda, a sculptor and designer from Michigan, Bend is based on Nanda’s passion for making functional yet sculptural objects. The Michigan born entrepreneur spent many childhood summers vacationing with his family in the Palm Springs California sunshine. He credits these trips for immersing him in Mid-Century Modern architecture, design and lifestyle. Those things would later influence his decision to leave his corporate job at GM, where he was a vehicle interior model sculptor and put his stamp on the era of design that had inspired him for so long.

The quality of our products is in the details: the inviting shapes, the sparks of colour, the ease of assembly and the packaging. Each element embodies Bend's drive for making iconic and sustainable products.


Bend is so much more than a range of furniture. They design their products for their lives as much as we do for yours. Two years ago we moved Bend into the Bend House. It's a 1920's Spanish style home in the heart of Los Angeles. We bought the house because we want to start showing and living Bend as a lifestyle. They also saw it as the next level in our design journey, as we plan to do a full renovation on the property.

While developing the Bend House, we bought a second home that we call the Bend Bungalow. The Bungalow is nearing completion and we will be moving in and doing an official unveiling very soon. Keep an eye on our social media for all the Bend Dwelling projects that we have in the works. Next on our todo list is definitely the Bend House though. We are nearing completion on the plans and excited to get started. Stay tuned!

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