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We are excited to announce that Bend will be debuting six new products during NYCxDESIGN week! They will have booths at ICFF and Wanted Design Manhattan beginning this weekend where their new products will be on display.

These new pieces embody our evolving brand identity and Bend's focus on versatile functionality. Below are descriptions of our new additions to the line for your reference.

The Art Piece

When thinking of how to expand our line to include more art and sculpture, it only made sense to create something that was modular and customisable. The Art Piece uses our signature metal wire material formed into four separate pieces, two curved and two straight, for a flexible arrangement. The interactive design allows you to arrange the pieces any way you’d like to create your own unique design for your walls. The Art Piece will be available Beginning in Summer of 2017 in black, white, peachy pink, and gold colour options.

Marching Bears

This addition to our trophy segment of the collection was inspired by the civil liberties marches that occurred after the 2016 Presidential Election. The Marching Bear represents Bend’s passion for social progress and ‘marching’ forward towards positive change. The piece features our wire material molded into the shape of a bear walking forward on its hind legs with a paw up in salute. Proceeds from sales of the Bears will go to The League of Conservation Voters to support environmental conservation and environmentally conscious policy efforts. The Marching Bears are available now in the aqua color option.

Wax Side Table

With the popularity of our Plant Stand that launched last year, we wanted to create a variation of that design by transforming the piece into a table featuring a bespoke resin top. Bend has partnered up with Wax Surf Co. to design the resin table tops. The resin tops are made from recycled resin material that is traditionally used to make surf boards. Each of the eco-friendly table tops are completely unique and provide you with a one-of-a-kind product from Bend. The Wax Side Table is available now with white and black base color options and custom resin table top colors.

Cloud Bench

The newest concept for our line is the striking Cloud Bench. 1970s textile design, featuring repetitive elliptical contours, provided inspiration for the curved back and intersecting lines that are also integrated into The Art Piece. The sculptural design of the bench allows the piece to become a functional work of art that is both aesthetically bold and ergonomic. This addition will add more large scale seating to the line featuring our signature playful style. The Cloud Bench will be available beginning in Fall of 2017 in a variety of colors.

Swivelling Ethel Chair

At Bend we love to modify our designs to create a new iteration of our company’s classics. The Swivelling Ethel Chair puts a ‘spin’ on one of most popular designs, both literally and figuratively, by introducing a pivoting pedestal base. This is Bend’s first piece that swivels, which allows for expanded functionality and versatility of our seating pieces. The chair will be available Beginning in Summer of 2017 in black in white colour options.

Indoor/Outdoor Cushions & Pillows

Our updated line of seat cushions and pillows introduces fourteen colour options that add extra personality to our wire products. The new seat cushions and circular shaped pillows feature removable covers that are machine washable and weather resistant for easy care and longevity. Adding any of the colourful cushion and pillows to our wire products provides added comfort and versatility to Bend’s designs. Both the cushions and pillows are available now in white, black, granite, navy, true blue, pacific blue, aruba, teal, forest green, macaw, palm, melon, burgundy, and walnut colour options.

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