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Open Plan Recycling:

Open plan offices improve collaboration, innovation and corporate culture. Method Recycling addresses the needs of open plan offices, offering flexible, visible bins promoting collective sustainability.

Be Proud of Your Bins Create a new perception of recycling

Out in the Open Avoid inflexible and expensive cabinetry

Stand alone Bins Provide flexibility allowing wastestreams and number of bins to change as your office grows

Visible Bins Engage staff and visitors in your environmental policy

No Individual Desk Bins Saves cleaners’ time and costs; fewer bins to empty

Method - Beautiful Bins Method design and manufacture beautiful bins that make recycling a simple, stylish part of modern offices. Co-founders India and Steven Korner observed the poor quality of recycling solutions available for offices. They saw sophisticated environments with recycling an afterthought – in conflict with the aesthetic created by architects. With the increasing popularity of open plan offices and activity - based spaces they wanted a bin that was flexible and convenient, not hidden away in cupboards. ‘Design Thinking’ provided the framework for the research and design. Three years later the perfect office recycling bin was launched: a beautiful, functional and flexible solution, for recycling and rubbish. Designed to simplify the process of recycling and engage users, reducing waste to landfill.

To learn more about Open Plan Recycle read this fantastic article on Idealog

New Zealand company Method makes bins. But that’s far from the story here: they make bins designed to not only be (surprisingly) aesthetically interesting, but also ergonomic, more efficient than traditional bins – and are using their bins to encourage what they call “open plan recycling.”

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