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Sustainable Brands

We can not avoid the news about the impact of us humans has had on our beautiful environment and it's good to see that companies have started to understand that it is their responsibility to make changes and become more sustainable.

Though what is sustainability?

"Sustainability is ensuring we have a better quality of life now and in the future - it means progressing economic and social development while moving quickly to live within resource limits and allowing the ecosystem to recover." explains Peter Head, Chair of the Institute for Sustainability Here at Design Relations we are careful who we work with and work with brands who are not only being responsible though are actively making changes so they have less of an impact on the our environment.

Bend Goods

Bend Goods are committed to keeping their environmental impact and responsible manufacturing practices at the forefront of their minds. Their workforce is treated with utmost respect and our facilities reduce waste wherever possible. They use iron which is highly recyclable and have designed their packaging to easily ship multiple products per box, minimising our carbon footprint.

Today & Tomorrow

In today’s world, the consumption of products is increasing at an alarming rate, while the life span of those products is decreasing. In many cases, furniture has become a disposable item. At Bend, we aim to make products that not only last based on their timeless design, but also because of their quality construction.

"I think it responsible as a person living on this planet to be environmentally conscious in what you do"

Gaurav Nanda Founder of Bend Goods


Method Recycling

Method are sustainability advocates and have revolutionised office recycling. Three years of research, design and development their award-winning bin is changing modern workplaces. The Method recycling stations are adaptable and move or grow as your needs change. Reimagined waste stream colours that complement your aesthetic, while meeting industry requirements.

Sustainability Advocates.

Every year Method help their customers divert millions of kilograms of waste from landfill. Because of what they make, those finite resources can go on to have a circular life – they won’t end up on the streets of our cities, or at the bottom of our oceans.

We believe that better workplace habits create a better world. India and Steven Korner Founders of Method Recycling www.methodrecycling.com

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