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Updated: May 21, 2020

Image © Matteo Piazza



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VyTA Covent Garden

Open non-stop from breakfast to post-dinner, the venue hits London bearing the signature of COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO and the first restaurant and cocktail bar at international level by VyTA.

The project, promoted by renowned entrepreneur Nicolò Marzotto, co-owner of Santa Margherita Wine group and owner of Vyta, squares up to the challenge of promoting a new style of fine food, which fuses Italian gourmet cuisine with contemporary design.

Located in the East tower of Covent Garden market, a famous listed building grade II monument and heart of swinging London in the 1960s, VyTA is part of a broader redevelopment programme that has transformed the neighbourhood from a tourist destination into a lively, upbeat corner of ​​the city. The vibrant and creative square looks to the future and attracts a cosmopolitan audience in search of exclusive experiences.


A Rome-based award-winning architecture and interior design studio founded in 2009 by Daniela Colli. Her distinctive hallmark has emerged from a capacity to combine a contemporary vision of society and user needs with extensive knowledge of the historical and cultural roots of interior design, producing results that blend the past with the future.

Her work ranges in scale from furniture to architecture and urban design, with a focus on craft, detailing and precision. She uses the challenges unique to each project, the peculiarities of a site, the specific of a target audience, as catalysts for transformative architecture.

As specialists in category – defining hospitality design, her critically acclaimed portfolio spans bars, cafés, restaurants, hotels and spas.

Contact Details via sannio, 6100183 Roma

Email: mail@collidaniela.com www.collidaniela.com

Photography by © Matteo Piazza

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