• Rebecca Harkness

Supporting our industry

As the Design Anthology UK team comes out of lockdown and looks at all that's going on in the world - both economically and socially - we've been racking our brains for ways to help within our industry. One of the ideas we had was to set up an opportunity for bigger, established brands to support smaller independents, ethical start-ups, brands owned by underrepresented groups and students with talent.

We're offering our advertisers and contacts the chance to sponsor any of these smaller businesses or individuals with a full page advert in issue 06 (out September) or 07 (out December) of Design Anthology UK, of which 40% of the ad revenue will go to the chosen designer or brand directly.

Each advert purchased through this programme will feature the sponsored brand, with a clear mark of their sponsorship and their logo and/or website. We're also planning to thank the brands who take part in the editor's letter, in online editorial, newsletter and on our social channels.

If this is of interest, we can also help design adverts in-house and streamline the process, so all you have to do is nominate your brand of choice. We'd need decisions and materials by 24th July for Issue 06 and 16th October for Issue 07, and then we'll take care of everything else.

To find out more simply pop us and email and we'll send you more information outlining the opportunity and costs involved - hello@designrelations.co.uk

Hoping you'll join in!


x Rebecca

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